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Customer Shipping Instructions and Information

Please read your chosen products' descriptions for estimated production lead times (how long before your order is ready to be shipped).

We currently charge flat rate shipping of $7.99 or $14.99 for items able to ship with Fedex/UPS/USPS. For larger items shipping by LTL freight we charge $49.95 or $74.95 if a liftgate is needed for delivery. You can apply free shipping discount codes during checkout if eligible.

Once your order ships, you can expect your order to be delivered within the continental United States in 3-7 days. This is true for both Fedex/UPS ground shipments and Freight Truck / LTL shipments. But, some freight items will take 7-10 days due to the logistics involved in shipping large and heavy items and coordinating delivery windows. For Freight Truck / LTL shipments, we will put you in contact with the carrier so a delivery window time can be communicated. We will always provide you with tracking information when available. 

We do everything we can to ensure you receive the product in the same condition it left the manufacturer's warehouse. The vast majority of shipments are on time and undamaged. However, shipping damage does occur.

UPS & Fedex Shipments

The carrier assumed responsibility for your package's safe delivery at the time of shipment. Claims for loss or damage to contents should, therefore, be made upon the carrier as follows:


Any external evidence of loss or damage MUST be noted on the freight bill or express receipt and signed by the carrier’s agent. Failure to adequately describe such external evidence of loss or damage may result in the carrier refusing to honor a damage claim. Do not dispose of the packaging material! The carrier will want to see the evidence of loss or damage. Contact customer service to place a claim immediately.


Concealed loss or damage means loss or damage which does not become apparent until the merchandise has been unpacked. The contents may be damaged in transit due to rough handling even though the carton may not show external damage. When the damage is discovered upon unpacking, contact customer service immediately.

If you receive a damaged item, contact us within 3 business days, send pictures of the damage and of the box to We will file a shipping claim, send the carrier out to pick up the package, and return it to us. We will have have a new unit sent out as soon as possible.

It is very important that you the customer keep all of the packaging materials and pack the item just as it was received.

Freight Truck / LTL Shipments Delivery Information

Freight Truck / LTL shipments are slightly different than your normal small package Fedex or UPS shipment.

  • Before you Order:

    • If your product requires a freight truck / LTL to be delivered, these options will be shown during checkout and it will be delivered via truck "curbside" standard when selecting the free LTL shipping option. This means you will be required to help the driver unload the shipment off of the truck to the ground “curbside.” Be sure to have some helping hands ready. You will be responsible for getting your product(s) onto your premises. If you would like the shipment to include a liftgate, please add this option during checkout. This means the delivery truck will include a liftgate to lower your shipment to the ground curbside. In both instances, you will be required to transport your shipment from the curb onto your premises.
    • If you would like to have your product delivered to the entrance of your building (inside delivery) or to a specific room and unpacked (white glove delivery), please contact us before completing the order so we can get a quote for this delivery service option if it is available.
      • Inside delivery: This means the product will be delivered to the entrance of your property. Due to carrier liability, the carrier may not be able to deliver your product inside your building. If you need this service, please contact us before ordering so we can get a quote.
      • White glove delivery: This means your shipment will be delivered indoors to the room of your choosing. The company will unpack and remove the debris/packing materials. Please allow for an increased transit time to organize this service. If you need this service, please contact us before ordering so we can get a quote.
  • Before the Delivery:

    • It is the customer's responsibility to meet the truck at the delivery location.
    • Failure to meet the truck will result in additional charges for re-delivery, storage fees, or return shipment.
    • Any charges we incur from a missed / failed delivery will be passed on to you at our cost.
    • The freight company should call to set up a delivery window time. Please arrange for some helping hands to help receive the delivery.
  • During the Delivery - Check for Damages:

Please give a copy of these receiving instructions to anyone in your organization that will be signing for the shipment. Any product damage or loss that occurs in transit is the responsibility of the shipping company. It is critical that you read, understand, and follow these procedures before signing any shipping papers so we can quickly get you a new product free of charge. Failure to comply with these instructions will waive your right to receive a replacement product free of charge. It is your responsibility to inspect the shipment for damages before signing for the delivery. Failure to do so releases YardEpic from all liability.

In the presence of the driver, inspect the shipment for product damage or loss and record immediately on the Proof of Delivery before signing for and accepting the delivery. In the event of damages normally, you as the consignee have a duty to accept the damaged shipment unless it is "substantially worthless", and also have a duty to take reasonable steps to mitigate the costs involved with the damages. This is to allow the carrier to pay for parts or repairs as opposed to having a marginally damaged item shipped back to its origin (which would cost more). But, if the damage is significant, you may refuse to accept the delivery and note on the Proof of Delivery that delivery was refused due to significant damage. 

It is imperative that all products are inspected prior to accepting delivery from the transportation carrier and prior to signing a Proof of Delivery slip without exception or “free and clear” (without noting any damages/issues). Doing so will allow us to file an insurance claim and arrange for free replacement products or repairs in the event of damaged or incomplete shipments.

Don’t let a hurried or irritated driver intimidate you into signing a bill of lading as good or without exceptions if you haven’t had enough time to adequately inspect the shipment. Make sure the number of boxes being delivered matches the information shown on the Bill of Lading. Notate specifically and with as much detail as possible any issues or things that look out of the ordinary on the Proof of Delivery (packaging ripped or torn, shrink-wrap not intact, pallet being busted, rips, dents, markings, water stains, shifting around on pallet, signs that the shipment may have been re-packaged, loose straps, etc.) and have the driver initial your copy before you sign it. 

In any event of damages, take many photographs of the damages and email them to  Keep all packaging and try to keep the product in the same condition and location where the damage was discovered. We will contact the carrier immediately to file a claim. We will organize a replacement product as soon as possible.

YardEpic’s products are carefully inspected and packaged to assure they reach you in their original manufactured condition.  The carrier is responsible for any product loss or damage occurring in transit. All YardEpic shipments are fully insured, but damages must be accounted for during final delivery in order to successfully file a claim for reimbursement. By signing the bill of lading/proof of delivery slip without exception you are releasing the freight carrier and YardEpic from liability. Legally, you are saying that you received the product in acceptable working order. Any damage must be noted on the Bill of Lading/Proof of Delivery at the time of delivery. The liability to prove damage done by the delivering carrier that is discovered after delivery becomes your responsibility.

Quick Review

  • If any damage is noticed, make sure you specifically note the details of any discrepancies or damages on the carrier's Proof of Delivery (POD) or Bill of Lading (B/L or BoL) and have them sign your copy.
  • Failure to note damages/shortages at the time of delivery releases YardEpic from all liability; therefore, you are responsible for any replacement costs. A notation of “Subject to Inspection” or “Possible Damage” on the delivery receipt is not acceptable. Specific notation of damage to the carton and product is required.
  • Take pictures of any damage to the crate, packaging materials, or exposed product.
  • If no damages or issues are noticed, you should accept and sign for the delivery. While unpacking, if the damage to the product is noticed, stop, save all packaging materials, and Contact Us as soon as possible (maximum of three business days). An inspector may be required to investigate the concealed damages.
  • Damages that occur after the shipment is successfully delivered, signed for, and opened are the responsibility of the customer. Other product flaws will fall under the applicable manufacturer’s warranty.