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Handheld Metal Detector Pin Pointer Probe Wand Sensitive w/ Holster & LED Light

Product Description

Featured with sound mode, vibration mode, our metal detector is ideal for detecting small objects, locating nails and metal, etc.. LED lighting allows you to detect in dark night. Just hold the metal detector horizontally to scan large areas quickly to precisely locate the target. And 3.62in scraping blade on the detector aid to rake, scrape or flatten the soil while side-scanning. It is easy to detect.


  • Sound & Vibration Modes: Featured with sound mode, vibration mode, ideal for detecting in the outdoor, open space and noisy environment. And LED lighting allows you to detect in dim night.
  • 360° Side-Scan Recovery: The metal detector allows you to grasp the metal detector to scan large areas quickly. Hold it on its side, flat against the ground and quickly scan back and forth. Once the general location of the target is known, use the tip of the detector to precisely locate the target.
  • Convenient Holster & Hanging Wire: Come with a portable hanging wire for easy carrying and not easy to fall down. A holster helps to secure the detector to any standard belt conveniently.
  • Useful Scraping Blade: Featured with a 3.62in scraping blade on the detector to sift through dirt while searching for the target, also ideal for using to rake, scrape or flatten the soil while side-scanning.
  • Wide Application: This metal detector is an indispensable tool to speed target recovery, accurately find small objects, prevent from digging large holes, identify multiple objects in near proximity, search in tight interior areas such as walls and ceilings, locate nails and metal wall studs in homes, etc..
Use Method:
  • 1. Press the power switch means turn on, press it again means turn off. (The LED lighting turn on /off follow this operation.)
  • 2. After the power is turned on, the indicator light is on. Please make sure the detector is no metal within 0.5 meters, after 2-3 seconds of power on, the detector metal can be searched.
  • 3. If no metal is found but an alarm sounds, this is caused by external interference and can be used normally by rebooting

To replace battery: Install a 9V battery or a 9V rechargeable lithium battery for using (Battery Is NOT Included). When the battery is becoming low, the detector will sound an alternating dual-tone alarm. You need to replace the battery, if it is a lithium battery, you have to charge it.


  • 1. The battery compartment is keyed to only accept battery contain the proper position. If a 9V battery is improperly installed, no circuitry damage will occur. However, it is important to observe the polarity of the battery and the detector battery compartment to ensure operation. Never force the cover to close.
  • 2. Remove the battery when the detector is to be stored for more than 30 days.
  • 3. As the detector is moved in closer proximity to a metallic target, the rate of the pulsing audio and vibrations will increase proportionally. As the detector is moved away from the metallic object, the rate of the pulsing audio and vibrations will decrease.


  • Product Type: Handheld Metal Detector Pinpointer
  • Power By: 9V Battery (Not Included)
  • Scraping Blade Length: 9.2cm/3.62in
  • Working Temperature: -20°C~60°C/-4°F~140°F
  • Detection Way: Vibration, Light Alarm
  • Operating frequency: 12kHz
  • Tuning: Automatic
  • Retractable Hanging Wire Length: 20-108cm/7.87-42.52in
  • Item Size: 22.8x4.9x4cm/8.98x1.93x1.57in
  • Item Weight: 147g/0.32lbs
Brand : iMounTEK

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